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VitaBar energize

Inhale Energy Collection

Stay at the top of your game with these 3 refreshing formulas, designed to support energy and focus. 

  • GMO Free
  • Water-Soluble Base
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Zero Nic
  • Up to 800 Uses Per Device
Energize with VitaBar





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Vitamin B12



Berry & Mint

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Vitamin C

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Minty lime

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Energize 3-Pack

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VitaBar Variety Pack

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Try Energizing VitaBars 

To Support Energy and Focus

Get you moving

A citrusy blend to wake you up and get you moving.

Mental clarity

A refreshing burst of mental clarity and vitality.

Support wellness

A refreshing blend of vitamins to support your wellness goals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 777 reviews
ENERGY - Caffeine
Angela Smith
Not horrible

I ordered several vitbars, one didn't work out of the package. Flavor is pretty good. They Definitly don't last as long as expected. So for what they provide, it's pretty pricey. But if you want to just have a vape to be part of the crowd, it should be sufficient:)

ENERGY - Caffeine
candace catalina
Love this

I just love that I can use a vape that’s healthy & actually works! I like to keep this in the car for a boost of energy on my way home from work! So great!

CHILL - Chamomile
Jessica Edoho
Interesting Product, Great Experience!

I ordered the CHILL Vitabar for free during a recent promotion. It was cool that they were even making them available at no cost in the first place. The product itself is sleek and honestly, very cute! I don’t vape “in real life” but I have tons of friends who do and I hope brands like Vitabar will soon rival all the e-cigarette companies and the prevalence of vaping nicotine products will be reduced. It’s easy to use and smells really nice. I intend to try out other flavors in the future!

Incredible Customer Service!

I ordered the Relaxation Pack and there was a defective vape inside so I sent an email and within 5 minutes I received a text saying that my replacement order was placed!! This is the best customer service I have ever received and I am so appreciative. Thank you VitaBar! Also, these healthvapes are amazing! Definitely order them if you’re trying to quit nicotine.

SOOTHE - Melatonin
Jose ceballos

Good flawor.

Nathaly Bruschi
Amazing flavor

I love it! Will order more soon!! Flavor is great and it last long enough. Thank you! Awesome product 🤩

ENERGY - Caffeine
Marjorie Marrone

ENERGY - Caffeine

Love it!!! Nixed the Cigs!!

Tried a different approach to stop smoking and it helped! You will still have the craving for the Nicotine but it helps if your are going cold turkey like I did. This definitely helped me with my cravings. The act of inhaling the healthy vapors helped tricked my mind and body into the mannerisms of “smoking”. I loved the benefits of the Vitabars. Especially the Sooth aka melatonin!! It did it’s job! I love the flavors! I will be getting this again! As of this post I have not had a cigarette in about 2 weeks! I smoked for about 8 years and I was a pack every 3 days smoker.

CHILL - Chamomile
Wendy Bimbo
love it, it works

love the chill vitabar. it definitely helps take the edge off of a stressful/anxious day

Smooth and works

first time trying something like this to help me sleeps. Easy to use and works perfectly!

SOOTHE - Melatonin
Alex barashnik

SOOTHE - Melatonin

Love the minty citrus

Great for opening up my sinuses in the morning. Nice and fresh and energizing.


Best stuff ever.

Very pleasant

Very good product, clean and easy to use, no odor or unpleasant taste either!

Very helpful

The disposable gives a very good hit. Very helpful if you are trying to quit.

Helping me quit nic!

I am very happy with my purchase! I have been wanting to quit nic for awhile now but I needed a replacement so that I can ween myself down without having to also tackle the oral fixation at the same time. Quitting is hard but I have found that this replacement satisfies my cravings. Plus, I love that there are vitamins so it makes me feel better about my choice! Sending a huge thank you for helping me tackle my goal to quit!


It took a minute to get used to the flavor.. thought it was horrible at first but got used to it. i'd definitely prefer the berry flavor over these!



So much better

I love them they help me a lot I prefer smokng this instead of cigs.

So much better

I love them they help me a lot I prefer this instead of cigs

Helps with my anxiety

This helps my breathing and feeling of anxiety

Truly amazing

I have been trying to stop using canabis oil for the sole purpose of not knowing what is actually in the cartridges. I am so so happy with this product - it takes away the urge to want to use anything else. I will continue to purchase this. 10/10!

Truly amazing

I have been trying to stop using cannabis oil for the sole purpose of not knowing what is actually in the cartridges. I am so so happy with this product - it takes away the urge to want to use anything else. I will continue to purchase this….10/10!

I love this product

This product has helped me become less anxious from caffeine I highly recommend this product!!

Does the job!

Not my favorite flavor but it does it's job of calming!


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