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About Us

We've created a variety of natural-tasting, non-addictive formulas to help you make the switch.   

VitaBar® is the result of years of product development and rigorous testing to come up with the product we are proud to present to you today.

Many imitation brands have come and gone over the years, but when you purchase a VitaBar, you can be confident that you're making the best choice.

We have developed a line of sleek and convenient inhalers, containing vitamin liquid concentrates and plant extracts.

Our unique formulas are warmed at a low temperature to deliver vitamins through a breathable vapor, for an enjoyable experience that can support your wellness goals.

Better ingredients, better habits 

With a variety of options for a range of your daily needs, we hope you'll find the VitaBar collection to be a welcome addition to your routine. Let VitaBar be your go-to way to chill out, perk up, and revitalize your day.

CHILL for relaxation


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