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A Better Way to Boost Your Energy

A Better Way to Boost Your Energy

Brian Donaldson -

If you’re like most people, some days you just need a little extra energy to make it through the work day. Coffee and energy drinks remain the most popular energy-boosting products – but are they the healthiest way to improve your energy levels?

The Unseen Consequences of Coffee and Energy Drinks

Both coffee and energy drinks are incredibly acidic drinks – which isn’t good news if you are a health-conscious consumer.

Acidic foods and drinks such as coffee and energy drinks come with a number of consequences, such as staining your teeth, causing acid reflux and other digestive issues, weakening your immune system, and more.

Acidity isn’t the only problem with these energy-boosting products, though; the high amounts of caffeine that they rely on to achieve the desired effect isn’t exactly ideal, either. Caffeine may provide you with a temporary boost, but when not consumed in the proper moderation, it comes at a cost later in the day when you experience something that most caffeine users are all too familiar with – the caffeine crash.

This inevitable crash means that you’re robbing energy and vitality from later in the day each time you drink coffee or an energy drink. It’s a worthwhile tradeoff for many people who would rather be energized in the early morning than the afternoon, but it isn’t a necessary tradeoff given that better options are available.

Vitamin B12 – The Better Way to Boost Your Energy

Vitamin B12 helps your body convert the food that you eat into glucose, which is then converted into energy by your cells. In other words, getting a dose of vitamin B12 each day is a great way to boost your energy in a way that is all-natural and side-effect free.