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What You Need to Know About Meditation

What You Need to Know About Meditation

Tessa James -

We could all use a clear mind right now, but it may seem out of reach. However, meditation could be the key, and it’s time to take advantage of its benefits. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate, it's about your personal comfort and reflection. It’s your “me-time,” a part of your day dedicated to relaxation. Meditation is a time to be present and look inward to find yourself and be kind to yourself, focusing on breathing good energy into your body, and exhaling the stresses.

First, find a comfortable, safe environment without distractions. It’s important to go into it with a positive and kind mindset, and to try to make the time to practice regularly for best results. Don’t be judgmental of your thoughts or ability to stop them, and try not to have any expectations or pressure on yourself. Focus on your breathing, practicing specific breathing exercises if you like, and try to maintain this focus. If the mind wanders, simply recenter yourself, examine where the mind goes and shape your thoughts positively. 

Meditation is centered around practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is used in many cultures to examine the spiritual self, gaining a new self awareness that brings inner peace. This manifests into relief from stress, and feeling more in control of your emotions and environment when you take a step back and examine yourself and your surroundings.

Sounds great right? If you need some guidance, here’s some specific directions to go in. Transcendental meditation is about rising above negativity, lifting the consciousness upwards through a vehicle such as a mantra or other sounds that carry the focus in a positive direction. Zen meditation is used to have “no mind,” a state based on a sense of balance, order, simplicity, and harmony, exploring deep-rooted questions that you may have about your life. Loving kindness meditation turns things you’re stressed about into positives by examining roots of stress and repeating uplifting mantras, focusing on your feelings of love, kindness, and gratitude. Similar to these is mantra meditation, the use of a dedicated phrase or set of words as a focus to help reach a goal, provides this essential focal point. chanting with a simple flow can synchronize mental spiritual energies

Stress can lead to health problems that can be avoided by finding peace of mind and not allowing worries to ruin your headspace. Instead, nurture the mind with different meditative practices, using self awareness, positivity, and gratitude to get rid of stress. Essential oils have been widely used in conjunction with meditation to amplify the countless benefits. Lavender is the most well known extract for relaxation. Peppermint is known for relaxing tense muscles, thought to boost focus and even helping to relieve head and stomach problems. Orange essential oil has an uplifting effect on the user, can help boost concentration, and is thought to reduce the body’s natural response to stressors. Lemon provides a burst of energy and increased self-esteem, great for meditation. Each of these inhalers is an awesome option for assisting you in your meditative journey, providing wealths of stress relief, focus, and uplifted mood.