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The Key to Staying Focused

The Key to Staying Focused

Brian Donaldson -

As we all know, it’s basically impossible to get anything done when you can’t stay focused. There’s countless distractions in our lives, both in our surroundings and from the individual turmoil in our minds. It can be very difficult to tune these out and keep the mind zoned in on what’s necessary, especially for long periods of time. It’s just not natural. However, no need to stress, there are a few ways you can help your brain out, be productive, and keep the mind sharp

Don’t Try to Multitask

Studies on multitasking have shown that multitaskers get less done and miss out on important information. It takes an average of 15 minutes to refocus on a primary task after a diversion, dropping efficiency by as much as 40%. Multitasking is also a detriment to long-term memory and creativity. We can’t stress enough the importance of prioritizing tasks so you have a clear outline of what to do instead of being crushed by the weight of everything at once. Task paralysis, or too many choices, leads to feeling overwhelmed and making no choice at all. Make a task list and devote all your focus to the most important first, and move down from there. 

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is a very common struggle we all face. We always want to hand over our problems to our future selves, but we have to do ourselves favors instead by getting things out of the way, eliminating more stress in the long run. If you find yourself wanting to give up, just allow for a quick relaxation break to rest the mind, and get back to it.

Try Inhaling B12 

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient, yet nearly half of adults face a degree of deficiency. It’s crucial to keeping the brain functioning properly, needed to form memories as well as focus and concentrate. A study showed that intaking vitamin B12 with B6 improved brain function and reduced gray matter atrophy.

Create Your Environment 

Set up your space to optimize focus by eliminating distractions, shutting out noise, and avoiding the time suck of social media, turning off your phone if necessary. You want to have a calming, uncluttered environment, but it’s just as much about mindset as your surroundings. Fake it till you make it, believe you can and will focus, imagine yourself completing tasks and being successful. If you need help with creating a positive and focused mindset, there’s no better way than meditation to clear the mind of the clutter of stressful thoughts and pave the way for concentration.

Know Yourself

Everyone focuses differently, and forcing the brain to work in a way that it’s not suited to can cause stress and burnout. Pay attention to your workflow, and what patterns work best for you. Whether that means going strong until you finish or allowing brain breaks, mental stamina can be trained. If you’re struggling to focus on specific tasks, practice makes perfect. The more you dedicate yourself to focusing on something the easier it will become.

Have a Rested Mind 

All the preceding tips will fall flat if your brain is not awake enough. If you're finding difficulty getting a restful night's sleep, try using melatonin. If this helps regulate your sleep schedule and improve your sleep quality, your mind can be sharp and active enough to focus on what’s important during the next day.