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How to Get Healthy Skin Fast

How to Get Healthy Skin Fast

Tessa James -

The latest skincare and health trend involves supplementing the body with a vital protein for an abundance of both aesthetic and performative benefits. Collagen is found throughout the entire body, making up connective tissues in the skin and muscles. It’s what holds us all together, quite literally, so it’s clearly important to have enough to keep the body in tip top shape. Known for its benefits as an anti-aging supplement and performance enhancer, its appeal to consumers is shown in an explosion of growth in the collagen market.

It is important to take because the amino acids necessary to produce collagen aren’t always abundant in people’s everyday diets. With age, the body also becomes less efficient at creating collagen on its own, resulting in unwanted signs of aging. Collagen can make the skin look younger and hair and nails healthier. Studies on collagen supplements showed that daily intake increased skin hydration and elasticity. Aside from turning back the clock, collagen is also thought to improve recovery from exercise, provides increased mobility, relief from joint pain, helps prevent bone loss, and boosts lean muscle.

Other beneficial compounds for skin include L-Carnitine, which facilitates production of energy, boosts brain function, and helps age gracefully. Another is Glutathione, a compound that also declines in production with age. It’s one of the body’s most important antioxidants, used by every cell and tissue in the body.